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Please Help Our Friends in Texas!

The images are awful, and the stories heart-breaking. The latest reports indicate over 100,000 homes throughout Texas have been destroyed by Hurricane Harvey, and thousands of people are now homeless as a result.

We know that many of you want to help! One of the best ways to help is to send money to local churches who are on the front lines of caring for their communities. Here are three churches that we trust, who have all partnered with us here at Visionary Family Ministries, who are leading the charge in showing Christ’s love during this time of crisis.

This is an urgent time for God’s people to support each other!

Ridgewood Baptist Church, Port Arthur, Texas

Pastor Dustin's Family

Pastor Dustin Guidry’s church was flooded this week, as was much of Port Arthur. One member of their congregation could barely make out their house under the water. Instead of a mini-van, the kids now get around in a boat. Please pray for the water to recede, for help cleaning up the church, and for God to provide for the many, many people in Port Arthur left homeless by the flooding.

Support the relief efforts of Ridgewood Baptist Church Today

Kingsland Baptist Church, Katy, Texas

Pastor Ryan Rush at Kingsland Baptist is working together with other pastors in Katy, Texas, to coordinate relief efforts at the city-wide level. You can learn more about their work at: https://katydisasterresponse.com

Support the relief efforts of Kingsland Baptist Church Today

Bay Area Church, Houston

Pastor Brian Haynes is the senior pastor at Bay Area Church, a large church in the Houston area. They have been hard at work since the storm struck, and have moved into high gear mobilizing people to help with cleanup and restoration. You can follow their work here: http://bayarea.church/harvey-relief-efforts/

Support the relief efforts of Bay Area Church Today


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