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Ducking Phil Robertson


By now you have likely seen the news – Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty family, shared in an interview with GQ Magazine that it was his belief that homosexual behavior was wrong and sinful. A media firestorm ensued and A&E (the network that hosts the most popular cable show) quickly banned Phil from any future filming/episodes. It will be fascinating to watch the economic impact on A&E from their decision – as they have sided with a tiny fraction of militant activists and jettisoned tens of millions of Christian viewers.

While there are extraordinary cultural issues to discuss here, including what appears to be the trend toward the criminalization of Christian belief, I want to make this personal. How should Christians respond to our friends and family members who are struggling with homosexuality?

Please listen to this mp3 message and share it with others who you think will benefit from it.

A Christlike Response to Friends and Family Struggling with Homosexuality:


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