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Dear Friends,

Our mission is to build the Church of Jesus Christ through a global reformation of family discipleship. We invite you to join us in this mission!

Please prayerfully consider joining one or more of our ministry teams below:

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The Holy Spirit is working around the world…

All over the globe, God is turning the hearts of parents to their children. Families are being healed, transformed, and reclaimed for the glory of God. God is igniting the hearts of pastors with renewed conviction for the sufficiency of Scripture. A supernatural wave is growing, uniting churches and families in the multi-generational Great Commission to fill the earth with worshipers of Jesus Christ!

Action Plan…

Through Visionary Family Ministries we encourage churches and families to unite for the Gospel through:

  • Preaching at churches, conferences, and camps about family discipleship, multi-generational vision, and Bible-driven ministry. Ministry Schedule
  • Creating books, DVDs, CDs, and other resources to equip and inspire mothers, fathers, and couples with a biblical vision for family life.
  • Training pastors and church leaders to build biblical family ministries and embrace the sufficiency of Scripture.
  • Offering pastoral counseling for couples, parents, families, and individuals – locally in the Chicago area, and via Skype.
We need your help…

We are building three essential teams who help make this ministry possible. Would you please pray and consider joining one or more of these teams?

  • Prayer team– faithfully pray for the needs of our family and ministry. Prayer team members receive a monthly prayer advance via email, as well as urgent prayer needs as they arise.
  • Promotion team– spread the word through conversations/email/twitter/blog/facebook about our ministry, books, resources, and conferences to friends, family, and church leaders. Promotion team members receive monthly updates on new books and resources, as well as promotional CDs and DVDs to share with others.
  • Financial Support team– We can’t accomplish this mission alone. Financial support goes toward:
    • Helping meeting the financial needs of our family.
    • Providing scholarships for churches who want to host a marriage or parenting conference but who lack the needed resources.
    • Funding one major international initiative each year.
    • Creating a stronger internet ministry to get audio/video/written resources to churches and families around the world.
    • Providing financial assistance to those who request pastoral counseling but who are unable to afford it.

All gifts are tax-deductible. Visionary Family Ministries is a recognized 501c3 charitable organization. Learn more about making a donation today! Read more about our mission and vision here.


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