Impacting the generations of your family for Christ

We have been overwhelmed with the number of people we have met around the country who are hurting because their adult children are struggling in their faith or have rejected faith all together. It is never too late for God to use you in the lives of your children!

Never Too Late

When an adult child leaves the church and turns away from the faith of his or her childhood, parents are left with feelings of failure, confusion over what happened, and fear of what may happen next. Statistics show the breadth of this problem: As many as 75 percent of children who grew up in Christian homes leave the church by the time they are twenty-five (Barna Group).

Writing with compassion and honesty, author and family pastor Rob Rienow comes alongside hurting parents to share a powerful message of hope: it’s never too late to point an adult child’s heart toward God. He challenges parents to accept that they are the shortest distance between their child and Christ, and though they may not have planned for it, parents can–and should–still play a proactive role in leading their child back to faith.

Full of engaging stories, insightful action steps, and inspiring Scripture, Never Too Late is a biblically based, practical book that teaches parents to forgive themselves, forgive their children, seek forgiveness from their children, and ultimately be able to affirm that there is “no greater joy than to know [your] children are walking in the truth” (3 John 4).

Considering using Never Too Late in your church or small group? Get the companion DVD Video series, “Never Too Late”

Never Too Late Video Bible Study

The mission of parenting doesn’t end after your kids become adults. We have been overwhelmed with the number of people we have met around the country who are hurting because their adult children are struggling in their faith…or who have rejected faith all together. In these four video sessions, Dr. Rob Rienow will encourage you with biblical principles which will inspire you to reconnect with your adult child and give you practical ways to encourage faith in their hearts. A brief summary of the four sessions can be found at the bottom of this page.

Get the most out of the DVD series by also reading Never Too Late.

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