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Visionary Parenting CD Box Set

$49 includes tax – free shipping
This eight disc audio box set is designed to help parents and grandparents capture a God sized vision for their family. These messages will inspire you to be the (grand)parent that God wants you to be, and you will learn new practical tools that you can put to use right away. PDF outlines are available for free download here. Listen to the first message for free via mp3.

Also available on a single MP3 CDROM for $25.


Father and Son Together – CD Box Set

$30 includes tax – free shipping
This four CD set is designed for fathers and sons to experience together. Dads, do you know why your relationship with your son is so important? Sons, do you know why your relationship with your dad matters to God? Through this conference series fathers and sons will be given a biblical foundation to build an amazing relationship, and catch a vision for how God wants to use them together to impact the world for Christ.


The Essential Role of the Family for World Evangelization

$10 includes tax – free shipping
This audio CD contains the central message of Visionary Family Ministries. You will experience a walkthrough the Bible showing the vital role the family has in bringing the good news of Christ to the world.



A Vision for Biblical Fatherhood

$10 includes tax – free shipping
This is a message of encouragement and challenge for every father and grandfather. Do you have a dynamic compelling biblical vision for your family? This CD audio message will walk through the critical Scriptures that all men need to catch such a vision.


The Visionary Family – For Wives and Moms

$10 includes tax – free shipping
God created wives and moms for an essential role in His grand vision for the home. In this message from Rob Rienow, women will be encouraged from the Scriptures with ways they can make their home shine for Christ. In particular, Rob speaks to women who are struggling with feeling spiritually alone in their marriage.


Media Madness – Parenting in a Tech Crazed Culture

$10 includes tax – free shipping
Web, I-Pods, Cell Phones, Satellite TV, video games, and a multitude of other gadgets fill youth culture today. What is a parent to do? This CD audio workshop will teach you how to use media to help your child grow closer to Christ.



Educational Choices for the Christian Family

$10 includes tax – free shipping
Public school? Christian School? Home School? How does the Christian parent decide? This CD audio message will help you approach these most important questions with a biblical perspective.


Helping Teens Prepare for Their Future Marriage

$20 includes tax – free shipping
High school is prime time to begin learning about God’s plan for marriage, and God’s plan for parenting. It’s best to learn God’s truth BEFORE you need it. This double CD set includes messages entitled “The Virtue of Honor” “The Power of Forgiveness” “Preparing for Marriage” and “Preparing for Parenting.” This is a great way to open discussion with your teen about critical issues.



Learn to Forgive – For Teens

$20 includes tax – free shipping
Every person experiences hurt, loss, pain, and rejection. The question is what will we do in response? This 2 CD audio set will teach your teen the importance of forgiveness, and give you a step by step process for putting it into practice. God wants you free from resentment, bitterness, and anger. If you are a teenager, your future family depends on you learning how to forgive!



Building a Home Centered Youth and Children’s Ministry – CD Box Set for Church Leaders

$30 includes tax – free shipping
Whose primary mission is it to help the children and teens in your church come to Christ and grow in their faith? If you answered “the youth pastor” then this 4-CD set is for you. After nearly 20 years working in youth and family ministry, Dr. Rob Rienow shares a compelling and biblical vision for how your church can put parents and grandparents back in their rightful place as spiritual leaders of their children and teens.



Helping Friends and Family who are Struggling with Homosexuality

$10 includes tax – free shipping
This single audio CD contains a workshop to equip and encourage you with a Christ-like response to help friends and family who are struggling with homosexuality.



Helping Your Child Make Healthy Choices in Dating, Relationships, and Sexuality

$10 includes tax – free shipping
This audio CD contains a message for parents and grandparents on how to effectively share with your children a biblical foundation for relationships, sexuality, and their future family.



The Sufficiency of Scripture

$10 includes tax – free shipping
This audio CD contains a message about the essential need for Christians to reclaim a Biblical worldview, revive the reformation doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture, and to pass these principles on to our children.


Helping Your Children Become Best Friends in Christ

$10 includes tax – free shipping
This single audio CD contains a workshop for parents of multiple children. God creates siblings for Kingdom purposes! Learn how to help brothers and sisters not just survive living together, but become best friends in Christ.




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