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The Essential Role of the Family for World Evangelization

Did you know that God created your family to make a global impact? In this message, Dr. Rienow walks through the Bible, connecting God’s purpose for the family with the global advance of the Gospel.

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NEW – Building a Christian Worldview in Your Children

What does it mean to have a Christian worldview? What do your children need to make an impact for Christ in the world? In this message, Dr. Rienow encourages parents to give their children three essential ingredients to shape their hearts and minds for Christ.


Visionary Parenting – God’s Grand Vision for the Home

The journey of Visionary Parenting starts right here! This message will encourage and challenge you to consider God’s awesome purpose for your family, and begin equipping you with practical ways to start seeing it happen.

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Do You Not Know? – A Miracle Story of God’s Faithfulness

This message tells the story of one of the greatest miracles I have ever seen – a miracle that took place right in my own family. I pray that God will use His words from Acts 3 to encourage you to not only to pass your faith to the generations to come, but to the generations who have gone before as well.

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Visionary Marriage – Building a Marriage with a Mission

Do you have a mission for your marriage? This message will encourage husbands and wives to capture a dynamic biblical vision for their life together. This message is an overview of some of the key concepts in the Visionary Marriage DVD series.


Helping Your Children Become Best Friends in Christ: A Christian Vision for Sibling Relationships

Has God blessed you with multiple children? God places a high priority on sibling relationships and Satan wants to destroy them. This message will equip you with a compelling Christian vision and practical steps to help your children become best friends in Christ.

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Exploring Educational Choices for the Christian Family

Public school? Christian School? Home School? How does the Christian parent decide? Download a free audio message that will help you make the best choice for your child.

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Preparing Your Student to Make Healthy Choices in Dating, Relationships, and Sexuality

Whether you have an elementary school student who has not yet hit the age where relationships with the opposite sex are on the radar, or  you have a teenager who is in the whirlwind of dating and sexual decisions, this workshop will help you guide your student to make healthy and godly choices in these crucial areas.


Honor Your Father and Mother

God’s first commandment for human relationships is “honor your father and mother.” This is a command we need to hear and apply with our own parents before we  can expect it from our children.


The Noble Calling of Motherhood

This encouraging message focuses on three commitments of godly mothers, and helps us think about how we can bring more honor into our homes.


I Do or I Don’t – Which is Better? Marriage or Singleness?

We live in a culture which pits those who are married against those who are single. What does the Bible say about it? Is the Christian church today encouraging or confusing those who are single?


Jesus is Enough

One of the most important things we need to teach our children is that Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection were completely sufficient, entirely enough, to forgive all our sins and save our souls. This message will give you scriptures and ways of communicating this to your children’s hearts.


A Christ-like Response to Friends and Family Struggling with Homosexuality

How should a Christian respond to a friend or family member who has “come out” as a homosexual? How does a Christian share the love and truth of Jesus with someone struggling with sexual identity?

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A Man’s Call to Protect His Family

Dr. Rienow speaks to a men’s Bible study from Genesis 19. Through the events surrounding Lot, his wife, and his daughters, we learn valuable principles for how God calls men to lead and protect our families.

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Father and Son Together

These four conference messages are designed for fathers and sons to experience together. Do you know why your relationship as father and son is so important? Dr. Rienow walks men and their sons through the Bible to discover the answer and encourage them toward godly manhood.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

The Value of Every Life – A Sermon from Jeremiah 1

Dr. Rienow shares an encouraging message from Jeremiah chapter 1 about the sanctity of human life, and how God has created each person with the ability to bring Him glory!


How To Use Your Bible in the Voting Booth

Does God care about politics? Should Christians be patriotic? Does the Bible say anything about how we should vote or how governments should run? Dr. Rienow speaks to these and other questions in this seminar.


A 200 Year Plan for Family Ministry

In the fall of 2008, Dr. Rienow and his wife Amy had the opportunity to speak at the Greater Europe Mission France Retreat in La Revoire, France. The subject of the conference was equipping missionaries to build ministries with multi-generational vision. As the conference concluded, Dr. Rienow shared his 200 year vision for his family ministry.

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