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All Together Church – Worship and Fellowship with All Ages Together

By Rob Rienow - 8th December 2014

When the early Christians met each week for worship, they did so with people of all ages gathered together. This was also the practice of the saints throughout...

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The Kingdom and the King

By Rob Rienow - 11th June 2014

God is building His Kingdom, and establishing His King over that Kingdom – His Son Jesus Christ. This message from Dr. Rob Rienow was the concluding sermon from...

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Abortion: A Political Litmus Test for Christians?

By Rob Rienow - 5th February 2014

Should the abortion issue be a “litmus” test for Christian voters? As you will hear in this six minute mp3, I believe the answer is absolutely yes. Listen...

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5 Reasons For Spiritual Apathy in Teens

By Rob Rienow - 1st February 2014

Are you concerned about the spiritual health of your teenager? Does your teen sometimes have a “whatever” attitude toward the Lord, church, Scripture, prayer…and even life in general?...

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When Life is Out of Control

By Rob Rienow - 19th January 2014

What do we cling to when life is out of control? In this message from Acts 22, Dr. Rienow shares three things believers need to BELIEVE when life...

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The Secret to a Thankful Heart

By Rob Rienow - 4th December 2013

Thanksgiving was just about one week ago. For most of us, “thankfulness” comes a little easier on that day. After all, that is what the holiday is all...

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Is Church Membership Biblical?

By Rob Rienow - 17th November 2013

The idea of “church membership,” or “joining a church,” has become increasingly unpopular in recent decades. It sounds and feels so old-fashioned! Perhaps some associate “membership” with things...

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Bearing Fruit in Season

By Rob Rienow - 27th August 2013

Click to listen – Bearing Fruit in Season – Acts 18 Dr. Rob Rienow, from Gospel Fellowship Church – www.gfc1.org God is the Lord of the Harvest. We are...

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A Tale of Two Fathers

A Tale of Two Fathers

By Rob Rienow - 16th June 2013

In 2 Chronicles 33 we find one of the most dramatic historical accounts of a father and grandfather. Is forgiveness really possible? This message from Dr. Rob Rienow...

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What Is Necessary?

By Rob Rienow - 19th May 2013

Have you ever wondered why Christians follow some of the laws in the Old Testament, but seem to ignore others? How can we take parts of God’s Word...

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