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I Grew Up In a Christian Home, But…

By Rob Rienow - 17th May 2016

In our early years in ministry, we led dozens of youth retreats and mission trips. Often, when we returned from these “spiritual mountain top” experiences, the church would...

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Don’t Delegate Your Teen Away!

By Rob Rienow - 14th May 2016

We live in a world of delegation parenting. Do you want your children to learn to play the piano? Sign them up for piano lessons. Do you want...

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Confessions from Rob and Amy

By Rob Rienow - 13th May 2016

Sadly, in the early years of my (Rob’s) journey as a parent, my heart was not turned toward my children. Amy and I were married in 1994. During...

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Helping Your Teen Keep the Faith Through College

By Rob Rienow - 29th February 2016

Are you concerned about the spiritual health of your teenager? Most of our teens will be leaving home soon. Do you have a plan to help them keep the...

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A Wife’s Call To Prayer – by Amy Rienow

By Rob Rienow - 16th February 2016

It has been more than three years that there has been an urging in me that I needed to pray more consistently and intentionally for my husband. While...

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Listen More, Talk Less

By Rob Rienow - 30th November 2015

Here is a refrain we have heard many times through our years of counseling teens and young adults. “My dad told me the other day that he wants...

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Visionary Marriage – Discover God’s Purpose For Your Life Together

By Rob Rienow - 26th November 2015

For many years, while Amy and I were both Christian individuals, we did not have a distinctively Christian marriage. In this video, I share some of our story,...

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A Call To Thanksgiving

By Rob Rienow - 23rd November 2015

Thanksgiving is almost here! This may actually be a week of intense spiritual battle for you and your family. The demonic forces in the world do NOT want you to be...

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The Heart of Visionary Parenting from Deuteronomy 6

By Rob Rienow - 8th November 2015

Are you a parent or grandparent? God has given you those children or grandchildren for a reason! God tells us that reason in Deuteronomy 6. Please take 40 minutes...

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The Most Important Question for College Freshmen

By Rob Rienow - 11th October 2015

College freshmen are 8 weeks into their new adventure. Most are living away from home for the first time. You may be a college student reading this post,...

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