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Awareness – By JD Rienow

By Rob Rienow - 6th December 2014

OK, proud dad moment here. My 12 year old son, JD, wrote this poem a couple of weeks ago about a little talked about Christian virtue – awareness....

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Could Your Home Be a Youth Outreach Center?

By Rob Rienow - 1st December 2014

I believe that one of the essential jobs of the local church is to equip Christian parents to take the lead in spiritually training their children. Passing faith...

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Chicagoland Parenting Seminar – October 18

By Rob Rienow - 7th October 2014

Friends in IL, Join me Saturday morning, October 18th, from 830-1000am in the CHAPEL at Wheaton Academy for a unique and encouraging Parent Seminar – “Your Family and God’s Plan...

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A Brief Reflection on Youth Ministry

By Rob Rienow - 20th September 2014

Here is something I have observed in many churches. Perhaps you have seen it too. Children grow up through our children’s ministries and they love it! They move...

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Dealing with “Heart Rebellion”

By Rob Rienow - 25th August 2014

Most of the time when we need to discipline our children, we are confronted with both an incorrect action and an incorrect attitude. Sometimes, however, we encounter a right...

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A Great Gift for Your Kids

By Rob Rienow - 18th June 2014

Thoughts for husbands… How a man relates to his wife dramatically affects the entire family, and directly affects the souls of his children. When a man loves, serves, and leads...

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For Father’s Day Amazon.com is donating to VFM!

By Rob Rienow - 9th June 2014

Do you have your Father’s Day present for dad yet? In honor of Dad, shop at Amazon.com through 6/15/14 and Amazon will donate $5 to Visionary Family Ministries! So when...

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Why Should I Read the Genealogies?

By Rob Rienow - 4th June 2014

Genealogies are not very exciting to read. So-and-so lived this long, and he was the father of so-and-so, and he lived this long, etc. When you do your...

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I Can’t Let My Team Down!

By Rob Rienow - 1st June 2014

I enjoy sports. I enjoy playing and coaching sports with my kids. But life is super busy. With seven children our schedule can easily go bongos. Sometimes it...

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The Power of Mom

By Rob Rienow - 10th May 2014

The Power of Mom – from KidzMatter Magazine May June 2014 Fathers are often emphasized in the family ministry movement, and rightly so. But sometimes, the continual call...

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