Trayvon and the Only Solution to Racism

Racial tensions have been escalated around the country with the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida. Is there any solution to the global problem of racism?

Two weeks ago, an article in the New York Post revealed the results of a new study in which they claimed that simply by taking a pill racial prejudice can be reduced.[1] Really? A drug as the cure for racism?

There is one and only one cure for racism and that is the truth of Scripture. The Bible teaches there is only one race – the human race. We are all descendants of Adam and Eve. We are all descendants of Noah and his wife.

It is amazing to me how much people talk about skin color, and define people and people groups based on skin color (ie how much melanin they have in their skin.) Did you know that there are only three places in the entire Bible when God mentions a person’s skin color? First, God tells us that Esau, when he was a baby “came out red” (Gen 25:25). Later, God tells us the young man David was “ruddy” (1 Samuel 16:12).  Finally, the bride in the Song of Solomon talks about her beautiful deep suntan (Song of Solomon 1:5-6).

Humans are all one color. Tan. We just come in different shades. We are one race, and we are all apart of the same family – literally. Each of us are made with equal value, worth, and dignity because we are all equally made in the image of God.

I have a number of friends who are “bi-racial” couples. One “white.” One “black.” I hate that term “bi-racial.” From a biblical perspective, they are not “bi-racial.” They are both human – of the same race – one male and one female. Now because of the different levels of melanin in their genes, it is interesting to see the skin color of their children. For some “bi-racial” couples, they have some children who look completely “white” and other children who look completely “black.” These are children from the same parents! Are we really so foolish as to suggest that these siblings, born from the same two parents, are from a different “race?”

The true history recorded for us in Genesis, and the Christian worldview that develops from it, is the only solution to racism. This stands in opposition to evolution which teaches and requires racism! From an evolutionary perspective, different strands of “humans” developed from different strands of apes and “cave men.” Therefore, it is necessary that some branches of “homo sapien” are more advanced than others. Welcome to the holocaust, ethnic cleansing, and the killing fields. These are nothing more than the survival of the fittest. Superior “races” have an obligation to eliminate lesser “races” to preserve and advance the human species. The doctrine of atheistic evolution necessarily results in racism. The more our culture embraces evolution, the hotter the fires of racial tension will become.

But those who embrace what God has said in the Bible about creation have a completely different view of persons and of “race.” If you truly hold to a Christian worldview you will never make decisions based upon a person’s skin color. A Bible-believing Christian is truly color-blind. We don’t see “races,” we see people. We don’t see groups and categories, we see people. We never give less to a person because of the level of melanin in their skin, nor do we give more.

I often ask Christians this question. “If you had a choice between 100 ‘black’ people coming to Christ and joining your church, and 100 ‘white’ people coming to Christ and joining your church, which would you choose?”

Which would you choose?

Sadly, many believers, and church leaders, when asked this question, make a choice based on skin color. More often than not, they choose the skin color which is “least represented” in their church body at the present time. Often they feel proud about their answer because they are valuing “diversity.” Little do they know that their answer is not coming from Scripture (though I believe their motives are good), but their thoughts have been taken captive by the hollow philosophy of the world.

The truly Christian response to this question is, “People are people. Souls are souls. Their skin color has nothing to do with their value or worth to me, or to my God.”

If God wanted us to make decisions about people based on the color of their skin, He would have told us to do so in the Bible. Instead, He proclaims from the beginning that all humans are created equal and from that point forward in Scripture, with the incidental exceptions noted above, never brings up the issue of skin color again.

This a vital time for God’s people to think biblically about issues of “race” so that we might rightly proclaim the Gospel!

Posted March 26, 2012

Dr. Rob Rienow –

7 Responses to “Trayvon and the Only Solution to Racism”

  1. Paul Walker

    Mar 26th, 2012 :

    Nice aricle, Dr. Rienow! I, as well, find it important that the Bible was never infatuated with skin color. If anything, the skin-color battles here on earth reflect how desparate we are for Christ. May we always remember the Gospel!


  2. Hannah Tran Dormeier

    Mar 26th, 2012 :

    Rob, this is a beautiful post. From a “multi-racial” (now I’m rethinking those terms, haha!) family, this is so true. I never saw my mom as white, my dad as yellow, my kid brother as black and the rest of us as something else…we were a family. We joked about it, because people outside our family made a big deal about it, but having that experience of a family just being a family made by God and put together in that unit by God was beautiful. Love your reminders here. Thanks.

  3. Gabi Reczek

    Mar 26th, 2012 :

    Thanks for this thoughtful and appropriate post, Rob. We need more people in leadership to discuss this issue in the way you presented.

  4. Phil Kassel

    Mar 26th, 2012 :

    Rob – GREAT post and at a very crucial time. Love seeing how God has and is using Visionary Family Ministries for His glory. Believe greater days are yet waiting for this ministry. Days that God has foreordained for such a time as this. Praying!

  5. Reg

    Mar 26th, 2012 :

    Excellent! Amen and Amen!

  6. Todd Green

    Mar 26th, 2012 :

    Hi Rob,

    Thankyou for your kind thoughts. I have never worried that my bi-racial children will recieve any discrimination for their race. (I do hope that they don’t get teased for their funny looking ears that they inherited from me.)

    I have long thought that Jesus is the answer to racism: the way that he interacted and spoke of Samaritans; his acknowlegement of the great faith of both the Syro-phonecian woman and of the centurian. His mandate to bring the good news to all peoples.

    I also thought the Holy Spirit is the answer: A person overflowing with the fruits of the spirit can hardly be a racist. The events of pentacost are such a contrast to the tower of Babel.

    It was great to see your encouragement to think of the Bible as a whole and to look to the themes of the scriptures generally. After your encouragement I thought of the horrible events of the last three chapters of Judges. These have got to be some of the most horrifying chapters in the Bible; they are all about what happens when one is a racist. I think it gives a great Biblical answer to what Racism is all about.

    I think racism is a combination of two things. 1. Holding grudges; A person cannot forgive a wrong that has been perpetrated against themself (or a percieved wrong that has been perpetrated against themself); Then this person decides that an enemy has been created and they are unable to forgive that enemy. 2. Stereotyping; Once a person has decided that a wrong cannot be forgiven then this same person might become a racist if he percieves that all people that bear resemblance to the original perpetrator (or percieved perpetrator) must also be similar in nature to that original offender and they therefore deserve the same animosity as their original enemy. In the racists mind, the fault of the one enemy shows the nature of the whole group. This is what happened in the end of Judges and I think it is a model of why racism occurrs today.

    Then what happens next as we work our way through our scriptures: God decides that: a Moabite! of all people! will be an anscestor of The King and ultimately the King of Kings. Awesome — Look to scripture.

    BTW I once met a man that said that his people descended from Goliath; later I asked a group of Sunday School children if this man’s infamous anscestor should affect how I feal about the man. All the children said no; they thought it was strange that I even asked.


  7. Todd Green

    May 8th, 2012 :

    Here are a couple good links about racism:

    My son finally got through the waiting list and made it into magnet school. So my suburban child can go to school alongside children from Hartford CT.

    Thank-you God

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